Monday, April 20, 2015

The Baby Announcement

I'm back! Did you miss me?

Okay, I'm not really back, but I'm getting there. As of June, Writerly Wednesdays will start up again, but only one every two weeks until I feel like a human being again. (Which is coming along quite nicely.)

SO, I've had enough requests to share my news:

Kirianna (Kir-ee-ahn-ah) Seraleis (Sarah-lees) 
was born Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 7:08 PM, 
weighing 8 lbs, 7 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. 

She was born at home with an incredible midwife and staff (email if you're in central Florida and would like a recommendation), after 4 days of labor and almost no sleep.

Now the quick story:

"Sera" (we have a tradition of going by middle names in this house,) is a true miracle baby. I've been wanting another baby for 5 years. Maybe I'm crazy because the next youngest is BEYOND a handful and my oldest is starting into college this fall. (No, I'm not that old. He's advanced. Really advanced.) Regardless, I've felt this need to expand our family for years, but the hubby wasn't ready. By the time he was, our youngest was 7 years old. We spent a year trying to conceive--a year riddled with disappointment, early miscarriages, and the fear that perhaps it wasn't in the cards. In fact, I'd decided it wasn't going to happen. We started building a house. We sold our old house and moved into temporary housing. Book 2 was headed out to the big bad world...

And that's when we learned little Sera was on her way.

My miracle baby.

Fast forward 9 months... I have never aspired to experienced a natural birth. Ever. I'm a doctor's daughter (and granddaughter) who firmly believes that modern medicine is inspired and should be used. I suppose that's why we were shocked by the intense feeling that we should attempt a home birth.

Insanity, right?

But it went well.

My midwife has delivered well over 1,000 babies and was shocked when she saw the placenta. The main arteries that nourish the baby were where the "water breaks." (That's SO not normal.) In fact, my water broke right along one of the arteries. She told me that had my water broken across an artery, my baby would not have survived. As in, had we gone to the hospital and a well meaning practitioner blindly broke my water, it's very likely my little girl would have been a fatality. A stillbirth. 

We feel beyond blessed. Humbled and blessed. Every time I hold Sera I'm reminded what a miracle she is. (And I do that a TON--the holding.) I'm totally sleep deprived, completely in love, and beyond overjoyed.

So A to Z-ers (and everyone else), what have you been up to the last month? Eat any unique cheeses? Read/write any amazing books?

P.S. I've got a couple FREE (and amazing) reads for you at Lightning Quick Reads

Leave me some comment love, eh? (I promise to return it.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

1 Mind-Blowing Reason NOT to Blog...and IWSG

Have you ever had a really, really good excuse NOT to be social online?

As a little girl, I was the kid slipping out the front door at 3 years old, and when my mom tried to stop me, I put my hands on my hips and said emphatically, "But Mom, I HAVE to play with my friends!"

Needless to say, that drive has rarely gone away...except my friends are online now and it's easy to play without doing my hair, getting dressed, or sneaking out the door. I share that to let you know how TRULY painful this separation is going to be, but I'm holding myself to it. Instead of

I'm going to be 

and I've only got a couple weeks (maybe days) to get our lives in order for this baby. It's been 8 years since I've had a baby, and I've been studying/shopping like crazy to get myself back in the mentality. It's time to go a babying!

My big insecurity, will you all be here when I get back?

Along those same lines, let's award our baby shower giveaway!

Last week Elizabeth Seckman shared her brand new release, DEFYING REASON, along with two baby truths and one lie. Those who guessed the lie were entered into a random drawing for the chance to win a SIGNED copy of DEFYING REASON and a SWAG PACK including bookmarks, pens, and a necklace

The game: 

1. When Boy #4 was born, Elizabeth had a condition known as precipitous labor (or speedy labor). From start to finish, his labor lasted three hours. It was so short, they didn’t even have time to get to the hospital, so he was born on the living room floor.

2. When Boy #3 was born, he was as big as a modest Thanksgiving turkey. That made Elizabeth a freak in the hospital- even the kitchen staff stopped by to meet the woman who had the eleven pounder naturally. 

3. When Boy #2 was born, his name was going to be Colby (like the cheese!), but Elizabeth's mother-in-law loved that named and disliked the name Cole. And she brought Elizabeth's husband a Big Mac (which he didn’t even offer to share!) to the hospital and not her, so she named the baby Cole.

And the lie is:

#1. This actually happened to Elizabeth's sister, not her.

Way to guess everyone who got it right! And the winner is:


Congrats, Krystal! 

So that's it. I might pop in over the next couple months, and there will definitely be an announcement when I'm sane enough to post one. I'm wishing you a happy A to Z Challenge, an amazing Easter, and cheese. (Of course.)

Will you be A to Z-ing? When's the last time you took a hiatus from social media?