Want to polish your book with a pro?

Crystal offers an intensive one-on-one content edit* with multiple layers that will have you thinking about your characters, setting, and plot in ways you'd never imagined.

Because her time is limited, Crystal is very picky about her clients. If you are not ready for this intensive stage of editing, she will tell you and give you pointers to get you there.

Pricing: Every project is unique. To receive a quote, query with a 5 page sample to, subject line of "Content Edits: YOUR TITLE, Writer Name". Please include:
     1. A blurb or synopsis in the body of the email
     2. The length of the work (in words)
     3. The genre of the piece (MG, YA, Adult; Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, etc.)

***Works of erotica, true crime fiction, disturbing violence, open door sex scenes, or LGBT will not be considered*** 

Some books Crystal has assisted with:

Between Two Fires by Mark Noce

Daemarkin by Rachel Hert

Vengeance and Vermouth by A.A. Chamberlain

The Bone Treaty by T.C. Mckee

*Content edit: The first stage in editing for publication, in which the editor looks for issues related to pacing, structure, theme, and overall effectiveness of the story.