Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top Five 80's Ghost Stories

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Do you love ghost stories? I totally flip over them, always have. I remember in 5th grade I read a book about the ghost of a slave kid who became best friends with a boy. Somehow he managed dragged his friend from the present into the past to try and prevent his tragic death. I remember wanting the story to be true with all my heart because it was so amazing! 

Then there were creepy stories like Behind the Attic Wall where the kids went into the past through a magic doll house and met the people who lived on an ancient English estate right before each of their tragic deaths. LOVED IT.

Then there was the Blossom Culp Series. (Thank you Richard Peck.)

And who didn't love the scaries stories series? I still dwell on these from time to time.

Last, (although this is kind of an exception to ghosts, but it is

Ready to guess the lie and win a book? 

Last week, Lyndsay Johnson shared FIRE OF THE SEA with us, along with two truths and one lie. Those who guessed the lie correctly were entered into a random drawing for the chance to win her  eBook 

Lyndsay's game: 

1. Lyndsay was in training to be on the US Olympic Equestrian team, but was thrown from a horse and broke her wrist before the qualifying rounds.
2. She once spray-painted the concrete wall behind her house with what she envisioned to be a gorgeous mural. Turns out fluorescent orange isn’t the best color for a budding graffiti artist… Also, who knew you could buy spray paint remover?
3. She used to drive a 1986 Volvo Station wagon. Teal with tan interior. She hated it, but now wishes she’d kept it.  
And the lie is:

#1. Lyndsay actually rode horses for ten years and competed in lots of show jumping. While she never broke a bone or even came close to being an Olympian, she was overheard saying, “I don’t have time for the Olympics…I have to go to COLLEGE!” 

Way to guess those of you who got it right! And the winner is:


Congrats Carol!

And now to today's feature:
Who knew a knock at the door could tear your world apart? They don’t demand money or possessions…they want much more than that, they want your life. 

Maverick is preparing for senior year: he’s no longer stuck in the “friend-zone” with the girl of his dreams, he’s looking forward to choosing the right college and being on his own, and he plans to have a blast along the way.

But a knock on the door changes all of that forever. 

Maverick begins a mind-altering, life-changing journey to discover the truth—a truth that certain individuals will do anything to keep hidden.

Get your copy HERE.
Miranda Hardy writes children’s literature to keep the voices in her head appeased. When she’s not in her fantasy world, she’s canoeing in alligator infested waters, or rescuing homeless animals. She goes to coffee shops to do most of her writing while drinking tea. Unable to reveal too much, she has the most boring superpower ever (hint: you have to be a close relative for it to work). She resides in south Florida with her two wonderful children, and too many animals to mention. 

Miranda's favorite cheese: Mozzarella. She loves it in lasagna or eating it in by itself, usually when no ones around to watch her. She's a closet cheese eater. 

Jay Noel was born on an uncharted island somewhere in the pacific and raised by elves and fairies. Okay, maybe not, but Jay was always known to be one for daydreaming. Jay was actually born in New York, but currently lives in St. Louis with his family. He had a pretty normal childhood, except for that one incident where he gave Jeff Glass a bloody nose and lip in the second grade. But the jerk deserved it! He also attended Southeast Missouri State University where he played NCAA Division I tennis and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Jay has a degree in English and Education.

Jay's favorite cheese: Colby, and he eats it in his sunroom. 

They gave me two truths and one lie to test your "lie detector" skills. Those who figure out the lie will go into my magic hat for the chance to win an eBook of DEATH KNOCKS just in time for Halloween! How awesome is that?

You have until Tuesday, October 28, at 1 p.m. EDT to guess--and be sure to come back for the answer on October 29.


1. They scrapped an entire manuscript and started over. 
2. They both exploited their children in the making of this book. 
3. One of them had a BEK experience while the other is a total non-believer. 


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Now trot along and enjoy the awesomeness of the tour. 

Which is the lie? Do you have a favorite ghost book from your childhood? Of all time? What are you reading for Halloween? 


  1. They exploited their children! Be funny if that was the truth. Since that seems like the obvious lie, I'll say scrapping the book was a lie.

  2. I agree with Alex. Child exploitation! :)

  3. I read those first two ghost stories! I also read a lot of the Goosebumps, though they didn't stick to just ghosts.

    I say the lie is #3. Maybe they are both believers!

  4. I was never a fan of ghost stories, they'd keep me up at night! The scariest I got was reading Nancy Drew, which, let's face it, are kind of pansy mysteries :)

  5. I love a good ghost story and some of these are new to me, I think I want to try them now!

  6. I've never been a fan of scarry books or movies because they keep me up at night too. I read very short ghost stories and believe that the mind plays tricks in overly imaginative people. Movies on the other hand seems to be scarrier.

  7. Wow this is the third blog where I've left comment and they just vanish, no errors. I thought it was me, but now suspect blogger ghosts.

    Great time for ghost stories and I pick #1 as the lie.

  8. I loved ghost stories as a kid but I can't think of any titles.

    I'm going to guess # 3 but I'm just guessing.

  9. I love ghost stories--always have. My favorite from childhood was "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." My kids loved the Goosebumps series, as well as Scary Stories in the Dark.

  10. I remember those scary story books from when I was younger, but I don't think I read too many of them. Loved The Witches.

  11. I'm not into ghost or scary stories but I did love NANCY DREW and THE BOXCAR CHILDREN.

  12. My son always loved anything by Roald Dahl, but esp. Witches! I can't remember reading much scary literature, but I did love Scooby Doo! Ha!

  13. I remember Behind the Attic Wall. That was a great book!

  14. I totally forgot about Behind the Attic Wall! I loved that. Thanks for reminding me! And I still love Dahl. I might even reread his books sometimes... ;)

  15. oh my goodness, I totally remember Behind the Attic Wall! classic :)

  16. Ghost stories!! ^_^
    I'm going with lie #1 today.

    Also Ronald Dahl is a creative genius.

  17. I'm going with #3 as the lie. R.L. Stine was my childhood go to for horror. Plus Goosebumps is getting a movie next year.

  18. Did I miss somewhere what a BEK experience is? Never mind, I'll go look it up.

    You should always exploit your children.

  19. I don't know where you get the energy, Crystal. I'd guess number 1 is the lie.

  20. The other two are so absurd that I have to say #1. Seems the most innocent, so it's the lie. Am I right??? I am, aren't I!!!

  21. I love seeing horror stories bringing fond memories. Yay for Miranda and Jay - their book looks fabulous! :)

  22. Wow! Thank you Crystal and Lyndsay. Looking forward to reading your book, Lyndsay.

  23. Thank you Crystal for hosting our books!

    So many great reads, and congrats on your newest release, too. It's so exciting.

  24. One is kind of obvious, so I'm going to say the lie is #2.

  25. I'm going to guess #3 is the lie.
    Death Knocks sounds like the perfect book for Halloween. I'm currently reading Reborn and then will be diving into The New Mrs. Collins around Halloween and Soulless to follow! I think they are all perfect for this time of year=)
    I loved reading scary stories as a child, even though I was such a scaredy cat. The Scary Story Series was the BEST and used to spook the heck out of me.
    Kudos to Miranda for rescuing animals!

  26. I remember The Indian In The Cupboard. At least I think that's what it was called. It was a series that I liked very much when I was in about fourth grade.


  27. I'm a big scaredy-cat, so horror stories freak me out. When I was in grade school the girls passed around horror books (both teen horror stories and adult ones like Stephen King), and they all gave me nightmares. Even R.L. Stine's books scared me. I think that's why I like comedies. :)

  28. I'm definitely a fan of ghost stories! The Scary Stories trilogy was a huge part of my childhood. I would even try drawing like Stephen Gammell growing up, but obviously failed, haha.

    And wow, Death Knocks looks so eerie! I'm going to guess #3 is the lie...

  29. I'll admit to being a total wimp as a kid and hating scary stories. Still kinda do, but I'm getting better about it. Anyhow, best of wishes on the tour and I'm guessing #3 is the lie :)

  30. Great old scary stories. I used to read a series of books called Twilight (not the new sparkly vampire Twilight, but one like Goosebumps but for a little older kids). I read Death Knocks and it is really good. I'll guess #1 as the lie, but I already have the book! I'm curious to know if one of the authors did have a BEK experience.

  31. These sound like some books that Valentina would like, I have been looking at ways of having her gain more love for reading ;)

  32. Oh, gods, "The Witches". My sister and I devoured everything Roald Dahl wrote when we were younger. So many memories. ^_^ And the 'scary stories' books are also great, though some of those illustrations freaked me out when I was younger. I think reading all that scary stuff when I was younger is why I like sneaking up on people now... that and because no one expects someone who's 6'2" to be able to sneak up on them. Bwa ha ha.

  33. I could never stand to look at the covers of the scary stories series- too scary! But there are a lot of great MG ghost stories I read as a kid that wish I could find and reread.

  34. Great list of scary stories! I think The Witches is on my best horror list I'm reading my way through. I'm guessing 2 is the lie since I don't know what exploiting them means.

  35. I never really read many ghost stories as a kid.

  36. Hi Crystal ... ghost stories are always fun to read and see the author's creativity .. I've a book here and must dig it out. Congratulations to Carol on winning the last competitiion ... I think #3 this time .. but could well be wrong ...cheers Hilary

  37. I don't mind a scary and simple ghost story - but NOT blood-curdling horror...
    The lie is no.#1...

  38. I remember BEHIND THE ATTIC WALL. The one I remember freaking me out the most was WAIT TILL HELEN COMES. Couldn't sleep for weeks.

  39. Loved the Scary Stories series! Although the cover of that first one still haunts my nightmares sometimes. *shiver*


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