Monday, December 3, 2012

The Season of What???

I'm struggling to get my "Christmas" on. How about you? When your back yard looks like this:
Rather than this:

It can be difficult to realize that magical season is upon us. You know, that time of year when the entire world  changes focus and is more joyful, a bit more selfless, and filled with wonder?

One thing we've been doing for years is our "gift to Christ." We sit down as a family and discuss the importance of service and love, aspects modeled perfectly by Jesus Christ, then write down one gift we can give Him this season. Each of us places our "gift" on the tree, and all season long, as we gaze upon that lit evergreen, we think about our commitment to be a little kinder, a little softer spoken, more honest, more considerate, or whatever our gift may entail.

What do you do to ring in the season? 


  1. A gift for Christ is a wonderful way to ring in the Season and focus on what is truly important. We used to do something similar. I'm thinking we need to get back to it.

    One thing we do still do is hang a special 'nail' on the tree. It's the first ornament we hang and it reminds us of what the tree really symbolizes.

  2. Here in New Mexico, we have the hanging of the greens. You go up into the woods and collect branches from trees that need to be trimmed. Then sing carols as we decorate a pretty public place. Then we set out luminaries and light them. More carols, hot chocolate, and yeah.

    Usually, this is in freezing weather (literally freezing), this year? 65... Still, not as bad as the year I bought my tree while wearing a tank top and sunglasses.

  3. That reminds of of Christmas in California. Funny how I used to complain that it never snowed. :)

  4. I love your gift to Christ tradition. How beautiful.


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