Monday, December 10, 2012

Memories: Embarrassed or Proud?

We all have them, those tid-bits/talents tucked away because we're not confident enough to share them with the world. You know your weaknesses better than anyone, and they stand out blaringly when placed before your eyes. So how do you overcome the fear of sharing?

My hubby opened up the Cedar Chest last night. *gulp* Out came a slew of memories I tucked away in our last move. Most of them center around when we met, dated, wrote letters, and fell in love. (Yes, now before you die for sugar poisoning...) The last relics to tumble free were remnants of the early writing days. With trembling fingers I thumbed through the old pages, and surprisingly, didn't gag.

You know what I found? That 17 to 18 yr old girl did pretty okay with her budding talents. In fact, I only cringed at the typos and grammatical errors. That led me to wonder, are we too hard on ourselves? Do we sometimes refrain from sharing when we really shouldn't? (My hubby is pointing and saying, "I told you so!") *ahem*

SO, I thought I'd share a few "antiques"--pieces of a "picture book" from 14 years ago. (Yes, I once fancied myself a sketch artist/cartoonist.)

Anyway, what do you have kicking around your attic? What are you afraid of sharing, even though you probably shouldn't be?


  1. I'm... actually a pretty out there sort of person... Mmm...

    I REALLY don't like when people look over my shoulder while I'm drafting.

    My writing is actually dang good, even if I say so myself, but it annoys me when people try to force their opinions on me when a) I'm not ready for critique and especially when b) the person being so opinionated doesn't have a clue.

    Otherwise, I tend not to be too secretive with my talents.

  2. Hey, that's great you could see talent in your early writing. :) I like your artwork! It's a nice, clean style--economy of line (and the lines say a lot, especially that unicorn!).

    My old stuff? I saved old essays and stories and drawings, along with other things from my childhood. Those things are in one box I have in the closet. I call it my "memory box." :)

  3. Misha, LOL. That's exactly how I used to feel when people hovered while I drew. "What is that?" they'd ask. I'd scowl and say, "Come back when it's finished." --That's probably exactly the reason no one sees my writing until it's in its 500th draft. =)

    Carol, thanks! I grew up on Unicorns. (I know, girly, right?) Eh, we all have our roots, and we should be proud of them. Here's to the old stuff, the stepping stones to who we're becoming! =)


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