Thursday, June 14, 2012

1st Kiss

And now for the tail end of BLOGFEST... Thank you Jackie and Danielle (Dani) for hosting this!

The First Fight/First Kiss blogfest: 

  • Post 1  June 12 - Share with us a 1st FIGHT scene on your blog.
  • Post 2 Thursday, June 14 - Share with us a 1st KISS scene on your blog.

*sigh* So, here's the first kiss in FAUX PAS:

Sam killed the engine. “Welcome back.”

“What if they don’t recognize me?” I panicked suddenly. The hair alone, but then the eyes, my shape, everything had changed.

“They’ll recognize you.”

I looked at him. “How can you be sure?”

“You’re still you, Faux.”

A compliment? Yes, he meant it in a good way.

I played with the hem of my shirt. “What if they’re angry with me, or frightened by what I can do, or-?”

“They love you, Sparky. No worries.”

“Thank you, Sam.” I breathed nervously. “For everything.”

He placed his other hand on top of mine. “It’s gonna be okay.”

I nodded apprehensively.

“I’ll be right there with you.”

I nodded again. “I know, so why should I be worried? Without you I’d be dead, probably five times over. What’s facing my parents compared to the Soulless?”

He smiled, a covert little sweet thing. It consumed my attention and pulled me out of my nervous twist.

“Thank you.” I leaned across to kiss his cheek.

He turned.

Our lips touched.

An explosion burst through my chest—warm and real, but thankfully not in the flame variety. It launched through me, leaving my skin tingling with warmth, brilliantly charged, radiant with life.

I pulled away, worried I might actually fry him. His fingers gripped mine solidly, eyes mesmerizing. He wasn’t afraid.

I’d never felt anything like it, this amazing rush. Is this what it felt like? To truly care about someone? To be in love?

I swallowed, looking down.

He squeezed my hand. “Let’s go meet Mommy and Daddy.”


  1. Excellent scene! I like how she stopped to ask herself if that was how it feels to be in love - I think we've all been there! :D

  2. I agree with Kyra; even though the specifics are fantastical, we've all felt that scary surge and wondered what it was. Great piece.

  3. I also enjoyed the mix between the fantastic and the feelings that we can all relate to. Great scene!

  4. Love this line:

    An explosion burst through my chest—warm and real, but thankfully not in the flame variety.

    Great scene!

  5. This is a great scene. I agree with L.G. that it was a perfect combination

  6. They nailed it in the other comments. The kiss was great and I really want to know what she can do!

  7. you described it wonderfully!


  8. Sweet and wonderfully done.

    Just don't fry him, girl.

  9. Oh, great scene!! i like the extra heat in the kiss too, hehe.



  10. Kyra, Angeline, L.G., M.J., Heather, and Danielle, thanks.

    Aldrea--I know, right?

    Andrea--The almost heat... =)

  11. that was a touching scene! dreamy! great job with the fest!

  12. Great excerpt! I like the description. :)

    (And I wonder why she's nervous about her parents.)

  13. Oh, the mystery... while everyone else hit the nail on the head with pointing out the perfect balance of supernatural and realism, I must point out how unfair it is to leave us all hanging in suspense! So... the story continues when? :-)

  14. Great job - I remember that shot of adrenaline only too well - I think you described it really well.

  15. Pretty hot and steamy.

    I stopped by to give you an AWARD. It's at my blog for you. Stop by and check it out.

  16. I'm stopping by to give you an award on my blog today, too :) This scene was tingly! And I want to know what all the backstory is here! Great job!


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