Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Blogfest, Goodbye Cheese

Shelley Watters is hosting a "Twitter" pitch blogfest for completed MS's. The prize? A full manuscript request from Suzie Townsend of Fine Print Literary Management. See more here. In 140 characters, not words, characters, here's my pitch:

Title: Faux Paw
Genre: YA Urban fantasy
Word Count: 70,000

Socially inept Faux only wanted a boyfriend, until she burst into flame and initiated the apocalypse. Now all she wants is to go home.

The non-scaled down blurb goes a little something like this:

Ugly, socially inept Faux (Fox) never hoped for more than a boyfriend by the time her seventeenth birthday rolled around. Alone—abandoned by both career-parents on her special day, she lit the candle. “Make a wish!” she sighed, blew out the cake, and exploded, literally.

Seems there’s one or two things Mom and Dad hadn’t mentioned—like the freaky way she could imitate the human torch, or the reaper-like creatures on her trail, or the two opposing and steamy misfits working to psychologically win her over. Now uncovering the truth about her past is the only thing that may save her from the monsters on her trail—all of them.


I keep hearing it, and so my "youthful" days of wishfully thinking I'm above the law...
are over.

What law? Oh, the law of name branding. So, (as much as it pains me,) I'm retiring the profile name of "Happily Cheesy" (*don't cry, don't cry!*) in favor of my real name.

It's not that I don't like my name. Actually, I love it! When I realized I was going to marry a Collier, I leapt for joy. I mean--besides the fact my hubby rocks, I'm now an alliteration. =)


  1. Sigh... I thought "Happily Cheesy" was brilliant. But your real name is lovely, too! :)

  2. Sounds awesome! Good luck with the contest. :) p.s. Loud and proud with the name! :)

  3. When Faux exploded into the “human flame”, Sam saved her life, but to save his she’ll have to bring the "higher powers" to a simmering halt.

    It's a great idea and you have a lot of nice voice, but the pitch kind of makes it seem like Faux is on fire rather than using a power she didn't know she had. And what are the higher powers? Why does she have to stop them to save Sam? Overall, you have a fun pitch and I just love the title.

  4. Yup. She's on fire. What can I say? She has a propensity to spontaneously "burst" into flame. Rather troublesome if you ask me.

  5. Maybe a slight tense issue, but it does sound fascinating. I'd like to read just to find out what makes her burst!

  6. I wanted to vote without reading the longer explanation, since the agent won't have it. Number two definitely worked best for me. The use of the quotation marks give us a glimpse of her voice, too.

  7. I loved the second one. It's a winner. I'm not a fan of the quotation marks, though. Of course, that's personal taste. I'm very intrigued by your story and I'm sure you'll do good in the contest. Good luck1 :D

  8. I love your pitch. Sounds like a story I want to read!

  9. That totally pulls me in. Usually I can find something to nitpick about, but I would not change a thing.


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