Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Counting Rays of Sunshine

It's so easy to get stuck in the rainy day rut. Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday. Our plans included:

1. Going to Universal Studios
2. Swimming in our pool for the first time this year, and
3. Taking our daughter out on her NEW training-wheel-free bike.

Well, our day ended up looking like this:

Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but stepping outside for 10 seconds would have resulted in total saturation.

No Universal. No swimming. No bike riding. Yet, to our amazement our daughter had the most fabulous day. She said it's the best birthday she's ever had!

Lesson? Kids are amazing. I want to be more like mine. Especially today I'm trying to focus on the good, and amazingly, the day looks like this:

Here's to getting back up when life kicks you hard! 

What are you especially grateful for today?


  1. *laughs* Rain is pretty, especially if it's warm. Splashing in the puddles. My day? Was good. 4.5 hours of writing. Nice afternoon coffee with my daughter, while her brother was in puzzle club. Catching up with my blog friends, V on record for this evening.

  2. Aw, aren't they amazing? Today I'm grateful for a 5 year old who loves me more than 100 dogs. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  3. Oh, this is a great post! I totally understand the weather thing. One word. Portland. Yeah, it'll be a miracle if my daughter ever gets on a bike without training wheels. I needed a kid boost. Sometimes mine get under my skin and I hate feeling that way with them. This is just what I needed. Thanks :)

  4. That was awesome! And kids are amazing, aren't they? I want to be more like mine too - enjoying life every single day. :) Today, I'm especially grateful for friends that randomly email me to tell me tidbits of news or just to check on me. :)

  5. Kids are great, aren't they :)

    And that video and song brought some much needed happy thoughts to my end of day job disgruntlements.

    Have a good evening Crystal.


  6. Wow, she sounds like an amazing kid! :) I'm glad you guys still had fun! It makes me wish I would stopping focusing so much on growing up and the days to come, and just focus on the childish half of my mind.

  7. I'm glad her birthday worked out. :-)

    I'm very grateful for the rain we've been having lately.


  8. Kids do constantly surprise. My daughter's most memorable birthday was one where things didn't go according to plan and our neighbours ended up barbecuing food for us out on the patio!

  9. Awww, happy birthday to your daughter! I hope she'll get to ride her bike soon. :)

  10. What a wonderful post! You turned a seemingly negative circumstance into something beautiful (with the help of your daughter). Happy Birthday to her. I have a six-year-old son, so I know it doesn't take giving kids at this age the world to make them happy :-)

  11. Well,

    Kids have a very low wonder threshold. They will be amazed by simple issues and shall find joy in very simple, normal & common place memories / events!!!

    Happy to know that your kid has enjoyed the day. Convey my wishes to her for completing six years!!

    with warm regards
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