Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everybody Scream with Me Now

This first month since going "public" with the secret project has been such a rush; like a blind date. And a roller coaster. Or a blind date on a roller coaster.

"Hi." I extend a hand, battling the g-force. "I'm Crystal."

Teeth rattling, he reaches to shake. "I'm Exposure. Nice to meet you."

For the rest of the whirlwind ride we keep our heads forward, fighting the urge to raise our arms and scream, or puke--which ever comes first.

Of course after stepping off the ride we're reminded that mother earth is actually solid. We stand back to evaluate. Are we ready for another go? Do we have the guts/stomach to face the whip-lashing neck-twisting fury?

Yup. That pretty much sums it up, except this ride doesn't stop. It doesn't slow down either. Here we go, month two, clinging to our centers and wondering when the buzz between our ears will end.

How do you cope with the excitement and hope, the disappointment and setbacks of going "public"?


  1. I try to stay busy doing many other things. If I sit and dwell, I become like the crazy cat lady who talks to herself ;)

    Keeping busy is about the only way I know how to extreme emotions. Of course, writing is my main outlet.

    Great Post - fellow crusade group member.


  2. Wonderful, Crystal. They'll be highs and lows along the way. Looks like you're set to enjoy the ride.

  3. I try to Keep busy and stay positive.

    Good luck with your project!

  4. Good luck with the musical, Crystal! For anything in a writer's community, you get back out what you put in. :D

  5. Making writer friends has helped a lot. I love the roller-coaster analogy!

  6. The support and encouragement of friends is a massive help.

  7. It is like riding a roller coaster. Someone to hold my hand while I cover my eyes always helps. :)


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