Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SHORT: Contest Challenge

S uccinct 
H ook
O f
R apid
T hought

Ideal panel look-alikes
We see it in film all the time, a brief snippet encompassing a complete story. We also see it in poetry. Within a newer art, we find it in flash fiction, and the even more condensed "drabbles". As a slow creature to modern crazes, I've decided to finally try my hand at 100 word perfection. (--In a conglomeration of  poetic drabble-dom.) Join me. Create your own. Add a comment with a link back to your blog, then post your literary masterpiece in your own space. (Or add it as a comment here if you don't have a blog.) A unique panel of 5 judges will pick the best of the best and award (drum-roll) the Drabble Poet badge (for your blog/webpage etc) AND a whopping $5 gift card to Amazon! I know, you can't believe it, right? Five Dollars!! Contest ends September 1st.

Let the Drabble-Poets commence!

Dizzily dancing, she twirled the stage. 
One pirouette, two pirouette, finish with a bow.
Then up she came for the crowd's laud
Greeted by streetlight and graffiti-ed walls. 

Stood lone ballerina, all conundrum and dread

Studio behind, home of the arts, an infamous wreck.

Out stepped a stranger with ominous look.

"I've longed to see thee, lady fair of the stage."
"I've longed to see what I can't, for my age."
 He offered a hand, strange contraption therein.

"This be the means of thy travel. I fear 

Ye never shall return to the then from the here.

You are mine."


  1. i have to try this,i've found i find writing much more than short stories too tiresome but i love writing poetry and people often like it. its a good challenge,a hundred words seems like a lot but of course its not.
    hopefully i'll get around to posting once i write in the first place : )


  2. I love writing poetry too... :) and I liked this poem. It was good. Different from most of the stuff I write, but it was good. :) my poetry is all on my blog lol


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