Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Writerly Wednesday on a Tuesday

For those of us in the US of A, it's Thanksgiving week, which means I'll be frantically cleaning or cooking tomorrow, so you get WW a day early. 

So what better way to show thanks than to accept a blogging award and pass it on? 

Huge thanks to my pal and poet, Fifi Islaih for the award. In order to accept it, I have to list 7 facts about myself and nominate others. 

1. My love for cheese is no secret, but there are some French cheeses I don't much care for. (I know, the shock!)

2. The last time I was expecting, I was living in NYC--in an 850 square foot apartment (with 3 other family members.) 
Yes, it felt like this. (source)
3. Although I have consistently taught kids ages 18 months 18 years (not counting my own) for the last 20+ years, I have a hard time calling myself an educator. 

4. I leave reviews for 90% of the books I read. (Which is typically 2 books a week.)

5. I miss hobby writing.

6. My greatest fear is playing the piano in front of people...and I still do it on occasion. (You should see my hands shake while playing. It's awesome.)

7. My first REAL masterpiece was a drawing of either a horse, or a unicorn (maybe both) at the happy age of 3.

NOW, because it's gratitude time, if you take a moment to comment on this post, you are officially nominated for the award. There are so many of you I want to give the award to, and it seems no matter how many people I do nominate, I miss at least fifty others. So that's it. You've been nominated. =)

Ready to guess the lie and win a book? 

Last week, M.J. Fifield shared EFFIGY with us, along with two lies and one truth. Those who guessed the truth correctly were entered into a random drawing for the chance to win an eBook 

M.J.'s game: 

1. Once, M.J. ran into famous New Hampshire author Jodi Picoult at the vet’s office and proceeded to make her (and everyone else around) question her ability to speak in complete sentences, as she attempted to tell Jodi how much she enjoys her novels.   
2. In high school, she sang back-up vocals for Kenny Rodgers. It is, however, not the only reason why she knows all the words to “The Gambler.”
3. In college, she worked as a stagehand and once tried to throw comedian Carrot Top out because she had no idea who he was or how he had gotten backstage.
And the lie is:

#1. Yes, M.J. has had some interesting run-ins with real, live celebrities. Awesome, right?

Way to guess those of you who got it right! And the winner is:


Congrats Mary! 

And now to today's feature...

When her protective older brother disappears, sixteen-year-old Melody loses control of her orderly life. Her stuttering flares up, her parents are shrouded in a grief-induced fog, and she clings to the last shreds of her confidence. 

The only lead to her brother’s disappearance is a 30-second call from his cell phone to Rex, the leader of a crime ring. Frustrated by a slow investigation with too many obstacles, and desperate to mend her broken family, Melody crosses the line from wallflower to amateur spy. She infiltrates Rex’s group and is partnered with Drew, a handsome pickpocket whose kindness doesn’t fit her perception of a criminal. He doesn’t need to steal her heart—she hands it to him.

With each law Melody breaks, details of her brother’s secret life emerge until she’s on the cusp of finding him. But at what point does truth justify the crime?

Get your copy HERE.

Julie Musil writes from her rural home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband and three sons. She’s an obsessive reader who loves stories that grab the heart and won’t let go. Her YA novels The Summer of Crossing Lines and The Boy Who Loved Fire are available now. For more information, or to stop by and say Hi, please visit Julie HERE.

She especially loves cheese when it’s piled on a pizza.

Julie gave me two truths and one lie to test your "lie detector" skills. Those who figure out the lie will go into my magic hat for the chance to win an eBook of THE SUMMER OF CROSSING LINES. How awesome is that?

You have until Tuesday, December 2 at 1 p.m. EDT to guess--and be sure to come back for the answer on December 3.


1. Julie knows almost all the words to the GREASE soundtrack.
2. She used to wear a bow in her hair—Madonna Material Girl style.
3. She loves country music, but doesn’t know any country line dances.
So which is the lie? What is one unique fact about you? Are you celebrating Thanksgiving? If so, how? 


  1. You read two books a week? I'm impressed.
    I'm guessing the third one is the lie.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I still know most of the words to Summer Loving and Stranded at Tbe Drive In. But wore my hair Olivia Newton style with twisted bandanas! I would like to get back to reading one book a week!

  3. Congratulations on the award! I wish I could read two books a week. That is very awesome.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Congrats on the award! ♥

  5. Congratulations on the award Crystal and have an amazing Holiday ♡

    Starting today I am taking 2 weeks away from my blog and social media so I can study for my final... I'll see you when I get back ♡

  6. Crystal, thanks so much for having me on your blog today! I have to say, you are one darn talented woman. Pianist, writer, homeschooling mom. You are amazing!

  7. I'm guessing number two is the lie.

    I'm hoping to get to my grandfather's for Thanksgiving, but the 7-10 inches of snow I'm supposed to get may have other plans for me. :(

  8. Hi Crystal .. amazing you don't like some French cheeses - I'm 'shocked'! You certainly keep yourself occupied .. family and reading two books a week and pregnant .. crumbs I hope you never look like the dog .. I'd have to laugh if I saw you though!

    #3 is the lie ... and congratulations to Mary ... and a pianist .. oh how I wish! Good luck to Julie .. cheers Hilary

  9. Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!! And I love the cover, and sound of, Crossing Lines! I'm going with #3 as the lie :)

  10. I think #2 is the lie! happy thanksgiving, Crystal!! :) and that cover for The Summer of Crossing Lines is incredible.

  11. You are so sweet to nominate your blog readers for the award. Thanks for sharing those fun facts, you're always welcome (:

    And also, happy thanksgiving!

  12. I think #2 is a lie because because she's not old enough to be in high school the same time as Mr. Rogers.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving :-) And I get how difficult it can be to see yourself as others see you. I'm sure you're more than just an educator to them.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  14. It's the French, isn't it? You have a thing against the French so don't like their cheese.
    I bet that 10% of books you don't review are also french.
    And I bet you don't like frogs, either.

  15. I also leave reviews for 90% of the books I read.
    Thankfully, I've more-or-less gotten over the fear of playing the piano in front of people. I do get the odd moment though...

    The lie is no#3.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. You read 2 books a week and review them too? Wow! Go you! I'm sure the authors appreciate your time and effort. I love the pic of the poor dog. I'm glad you're in a bigger place now where you and your family can spread out. :)

  17. Congrads on the award and you are cheesetastically awesome to nominate your commenters. Lie is #3. Not sure. But that's my guess. Congrads to Mary. YaY Julie!!! Woohoo!!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Crystal. See you in Vegas!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving!! ^_^

    You mean all cheese doesn't taste the same. ;) I can't stand playing the piano in front of people, either. Even if it's something I can play with my eyes closed, because you just KNOW almost everyone is staring at you and staring hard.

    Going with #3 for the lie today. But I have no confidence in it. Lol!

  19. Two books a week? Oh, girl, I'm lucky to read a book in two weeks. O_o I don't know how you do all the marvelous things you do.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family.

  20. I miss hobby writing, too. Writing was so much fun when it was a hobby, before I even considered publication. But I can't stop writing regardless. :)

    I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family!

  21. What you should have done was make it a game of 6 truths, 1 lie...


  22. While I like most blue cheeses, there are some stinky cheeses out there I can't party with. So I understand. Congrats on your award!

  23. I am not nominated, but I enjoyed your seven facts. I wonder why playing the piano in public makes you nervous. I'm sure you play well. I've heard you sing. Your voice is beautiful. I never minded playing at recitals and in competition. I loved the applause and would tell my piano teacher, I think they liked the second song better. They applauded more.


  24. I'm getting more and more into cheese. Whenever there's a cheese platter at a party...that's where you'll find me. How wonderful to know you're a piano player!! :) I can imagine how terrifying it might be to play in front of a large crowd. LOL

  25. I'm going to guess that number two is a lie ... ? Who knows :) Also, you should see my hands shake whenever I have to play the viola in public. It's embarrassing!

  26. I'm going with 3 for the lie, um play that funky music on the piano more and you will get over that freight and congrats, Crystal for the award and being cool to award everyone!!

  27. Oh, no--it didn't! I said something about loving cheese, happy Thanksgiving, and like bloggers whose books are here.

  28. Thanks again, Crystal!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. D'oh! I forgot to guess Julie's lie...I'm going to go with #3.

  29. Two books a week?! That is AWESOME!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Crystal! :)

  30. Hmmm- any of them could be a lie, but I am going with #3.

    I am impressed that you read two books a week! Also, I give you credit for facing one of your fears and playing the piano in front of people from time to time. :)

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! Love to spend the day with family and friends. :) So much good food too!

  31. I wish I could read that fast! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Crystal. :)

  32. I get nervous when I perform solos, too. (Not so much doing chamber music or orchestra stuff. It's easier when you're in a group.) I can't say my hands shake, though. I usually get really cold, and chatter. If I'm wearing high heels, my leg might start to shake.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Good luck with your cooking/cleaning. Fortunately, my wife's sister does most of the cooking, so all I have to do is show up with a dessert.

  34. It was nice learning some new things about you, Crystal. I can relate to living in such a small place in NYC. I, too, lived an extremely small studio in Brooklyn. But we had access to some of the best pizza and Jamaican beef patties in the neighborhood.
    You would have LOVED the cheese platter I set up at my sister's graduation party last weekend. I'm talking bries, bleus, and an amazing comte. Yummm.
    I'm sure you play the piano like a pro. If your style is anything like your writing, people must gravitate toward you while you are playing.
    We are heading south to celebrate Thanksgiving and hoping to bump into some of my old friends once again=) Have a beautiful holiday!
    I'm going to guess the lie is #2

  35. Hope you get a nap in with that cooking and cleaning! I'm off to see the in-laws tomorrow morning. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    One fact about me: My wedding ring is black titanium with a silver band through it. No gems.

    As for the lie, I'm going with #3.

  36. One fact about me is that I won two different school spelling bees growing up, in 5th and 8th grades. I expected to be ruthlessly made fun of for that, because there was a lot of what we'd now call smart-shaming among the kids at those schools, but it never happened.

    Hope your Thanksgiving prep went well and everything's ready for tomorrow. ^_^

  37. Oh, wow, that dog photo made my morning. Poor guy! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  38. I'd love to read Julie's new book. I think 3 is the lie.

    I haven't lived in cramped quarters in a long time. Never again.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  39. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  40. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    I was watching the movie "Boxtrolls" and thought of you and your love of cheese.
    Ha ha, that's one way to spread an award along.
    Way to go, M. Pax!
    I'll guess #1 as the lie.

  41. You leave reviews for that many books? That's amazing, Crystal.

  42. #2 is the lie. I'm just sure of it!

    Hope your T'day was great and cheese-filled.

  43. You are definitely an educator! (It takes on to know one:))

    Love M.J.!

    And way to go, Julie! The book sounds great!

  44. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for the intro to Julie. Her book sounds interesting. :)

  45. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Of course you are an educator!


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