Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rachel Schieffelbein Steals the Show

But first... Please welcome Rachel Schieffelbein!

Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for having me today!

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a time for all things scary and spooky. Crystal asked me to share my top five favorite scary movies.

#5. And I’m going to cheat right off the bat. Sorry. It’s a show, not a movie. As a kid my siblings and I loved the show Are You Afraid of the Dark? It was about a group of kids who got together and shared the scariest stories they could come up with. Some were not that great, and some were terrifying! (To a kid, anyway.) I loved that show! I wish it was still on, as my oldest would love it! She devours scary books.

#4. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? An oldie but goodie. This movie creeped me out when I first saw it. Very eerie and mysterious.

#3. Candyman. I saw this with a few of my girlfriends when I was in seventh grade. It scared the crap out of all of us. My best friend basically hid under the blankets the whole time. You could not have paid me enough money to say Candyman three times.

#2. Frailty. My husband says this one doesn’t count as a horror, (he says it’s more of a suspense) but it scared the snot out of me! The idea of some crazy guy out there killing people because he thinks god is telling him to, and bringing his little boys along! That’s freaky!

#1. Night of the Living Dead. A classic. (George A. Romero may just be mentioned in FLESH EATING ZOMBIES AND EVIL EX-GIRLFRIENDS.) This is also my husband’s favorite. One year for his birthday I talked our local theater into doing a midnight showing of it. It was pretty much awesome. If you like zombies and haven’t seen this one, you need to.

How about you? What tops your list for the best scary movies?

And this year to celebrate Halloween, my YA zombie novel, FLESH EATING ZOMBIES AND EVILEX-GIRLFRIENDS, is on sale for 99 cents through the end of the month!

Erwin is in hell--- Locked in his high school with his ex-girlfriend, her new pain-in-the-ass boyfriend, and a handful of others while zombies claw at the doors trying to fight their way in.

The bright light in the dark is Sylvia, whose strength helps hold Erwin together when everything is falling apart.

When they realize the school is no longer safe, Erwin is determined to keep the group together and get them all to safety. But he can’t save everyone.


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What's your favorite Halloween movie/show? Any you'd never watch again? Ones you have to watch every year?


  1. Not too many horror films that genuinely scare me. The Ring was unnerving though. And I remember watching the Exorcist as a kid and that was freaky.

  2. I don't know if I have a favorite scary movie, but I definitely DO NOT want to see The Ring again. I couldn't sleep very well for days after watching it. I hear there's The Ring 2, but I think I might have to miss that one!

  3. As a kid the 2 that came the closest to scaring me were Poltergeist and Nightmare on Elm Street 1. The Freddy scene that always got me was the first girls body showing up at the school in the body bag. gave me the creeps. Matt @ JC's Book Haven.

  4. Candyman COMPLETELY creeped me out when I saw it at the theater. The movie was so dark! I felt that way about Nightmare on Elm Street when I saw it as a teen, too...I found Nightmare on Elm Street doesn't seem quite so spooky now, so I have a feeling Candyman would come across the same way if I watched it now.

  5. That pony is ROCKING. He wins - hands down!
    Horror? No thanks. I'm a scaredy cat.

    1. (Crystal there's something for you over at my place...)

  6. would you believe I have never seen a horror film? Not even one of the classics! I'm too chicken haha

  7. The Horror Show is the scariest horror movie I have ever seen. Meat Cleaver Max scares me more than Freddy Kruger. Rachel was right to pick Frailty, the premise is freaky. Such a great list, worthy of October.

  8. OMG. Are You Afraid of the Dark was my childhood!!! That show scared the CRAP out of me! (And my little brother, who I made watch it with me because I was scared to watch it alone *tee-hee*) I recently read an article that said all of the episodes are now available on YouTube. I might just have to marathon watch it this weekend!

  9. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? was so disturbingly wonderful. There is some old flick from the 60s or 70s, black and white that scared the snot out of me. I have know idea what it was call. It was something about the devil.- And I know it was an incredibly cheesy movie.

  10. I'm a horror fim sissy. The last really scary one I saw was The Exorcist. Really. So you see I don't frequent horror movies.

  11. Great list, Rachel! I love your #1 choice. The Exorcist is the scariest for me too. The only Halloween show I've watched so far this year is Curious George's Boofest. Heh.

  12. I used to watch a lot of Halloween movies, it has been years for me, most of them I would never watch again, they were too much gore or super natural for me today ;)... I do love Halloween though, thinking up a costume for my children and taking them out... Have a great day Crystal :)

  13. I nabbed a copy of your book, thanks Rachel. :D Sounds like a fun read. I remember reading the blurb before & knowing I wanted to read it. Well, now I have a copy!

    I'm a fan of scary movies, though I guess I haven't watched many lately.

  14. I have not seen any of those. But then again, I avoid scary movies.

  15. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was such a freaky movie. Her makeup and hair were just awful, lol.
    I think the scariest movie for me is one I have yet to see... The Conjuring. I have been wanting to watch it but whenever I come close, I think about how I am not going to sleep well for weeks and then chicken out. A couple of people have told me this movie is the scariest of them all, other than The Exorcist.

  16. Great selection. My favorites of this list are Whatever Happened To Baby Jane and Candyman.

  17. Yay for Halloween specials! And grats on the great review!

  18. Candyman was just on TV and I caught the end of it. I'd seen it, but it's been a while. Yay for Halloween season and scary movies. :)


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