Thursday, October 30, 2014



The spooks stirred in their hallowed graves
The creatures of memory, nightmare's slaves

But I, in my lonely house did wait
For the coming dawn to the tap tap, of fate.

Hoots and shouts shook through the walls
Goulies, and shadows and death-bird caws

But I did not hear them over the scream
Shaking from my bones and up through my veins.

The door handle rattled, the thump, thump of hands
Their twisting and shaking and guttural demands

I lifted my finger and bit down on the end
Stilling myself, begging for strength, my old friend

The demons burst through the dejected door
Syrupy liquid drizzling from mouth to floor

"Don't look. It can't hurt you. This horror can't last."
Were my last sane thoughts before they started to dance

They leapt and they screamed and they bounced and they tore
Until I could bear the insanity no more.

"Bring me all candy and go to your rooms!"

I squeezed myself, holding my sanity tight 
Praying I'd live through post-Halloween night.

Happy Halloween!


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Do you write poetry? Like poetry? Have you read any awesome Halloween poems this year?


  1. I would like to write poetry, but I've never considered myself a poet.

  2. Loved the poem :) I can't write poetry, never could. I always admire people who can!

  3. Ooh love this poem, I'm definitely in the Halloween mood now!

  4. Not a big fan of poetry. If I do dabble I prefer to have it read it to me rather than reading it myself.

    A great verse, perfect for Halloween. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That was funny! I bet kids hopped up on sugar after a night of trick-or-treating is terrifying.

  6. Love the poem! Have an awesome Halloween!

  7. I LOVE this! And of course, after they bring you their candy, they have to pay a one-candy penalty for every misdemeanor, right?!!!

  8. When I'd finally have to do the confiscation, they'd beg me to please not eat it all. How sad is that?

  9. Do you hand out cheese to kids who come to your door?

  10. I enjoy writing poetry. I don't do Halloween poems but I did write a kind of scary poem that was published twice by Bookends Magazine (got paid both times). It was a short one relating the death of a child to the Little Red Riding Hood story. This poem was funny and entertaining. Hyper kids can be scary.

  11. Very good. I love poetry and write it occasionally, when I feel inspired by God.


  12. That second line really got me. Loved it! Happy Halloween!!!! I am sending you virtual cheese treats. ;)

  13. I enjoyed reading that. Happy Halloween.

  14. Great poem:) And Happy Halloween! It's totally my favorite day of the year:)

  15. The poem is really great Crystal, I really enjoyed it... Happy Halloween to you and your family, have a safe and fun one ;)

  16. Fun. I love this holiday. Happy Halloween!

  17. Awesome poem! Happy Halloween! ^_^

  18. Great post!
    Is there CHEESE for Trick or Treaters? Is it Muenster cheese?

  19. Hi Crystal .. love the poem - such fun and I can imagine the laughter coming from the family home ... I'd have thought you'd have cheesey candy ... hope you all had family fun - cheers Hilary


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