Monday, October 29, 2012

Things that Make You Go "Halloween"

Are you ready for a Halloween goody? As an artist you're always trying to get your work noticed. Today I'm going to pull back the curtain to reveal where I get images for blog posts free, a site that promotes other artists. Enjoy this little treat!

Things that make you go Halloween:

Jack O' Lanterns

Cauldrons and Witches

Haunted Houses

Black Cats

Skeletons (& Tim Burton)

Ghosts and Graveyards


AND for me, a little bit of cheese:

What has you Halloween-ing, and where do you go for awesome web images?


  1. I don't post pictures anymore unless I took them because that author got sued. It's not that I'm scared, but why tempt fate.

    As for Halloween, I'm wearing my Nightmare before Christmas shirt and listening to Marilyn Manson sing about Halloween. It works for me.

  2. Rena--I know what you mean, which is why I found this site where artists are actively looking for people to feature their art. Now doing a google search and snagging some pretty image out of the cyber world? Not such a good idea.

  3. I'm all boring. Microsoft's free clip art or pics I've taken myself! LOL.

  4. DeviantArt is truly a great source for great images. But don't you have to get the artist's permission first?

    I tend to Google public-domain stock images:, for instance, provides a limited selection of free images.

    In any case, love those images!

  5. Happy Halloween, Crystal. I love Deviant art. I found it when we were doing our Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop. I should use them more often. Love the cheese wheel!

  6. Lisa, LOL!

    J.C.--permissions are listed at the top of each page. If an artist is not allowing free distribution, the permissions will specify that. Most the time people will add a watermark too if their images are "for sale only". I'm going to have to check out thank you for sharing.

    Kerri--Happy Halloween to you! It's a great resource, isn't it? I found it years ago when another blogger was promoting one of her favorite artists.


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