Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Cup of Cheer

I'm the lamest lame that ever lamed a lame.

Now that the self-deprecation is done... Hello friends! This sorry turnip-tooshied writer has been thumbing it through revisions for the last two months and horrifically neglecting this blog.


I know, I know, gator tears, right? Well, I'm building SLOWLY back up, as life is now somewhat manageable again. Somewhat.

(So what's with the pickle, you ask? Nothing. He's shiny and makes me giggle.)

On that note...

A Cup of Cheer

She raised her mug and looked about
The chorus of chipper smiles
But hers had fallen far past its mark
And instead, become tears.

Heart heavy, she lifted the cup a bit higher
And dared herself to say
"I wish you all the greatest season
And happiest Christmas day!"

While voices echoed her longing strain
A glimmer sparked in her heart.
It stretched and groaned and tore until
It burst full into bloom.

The ray that started first as hope 
Rumbled deep inside her chest
And broke through the crowd in radiant hue
Her inner light revealed.

She found, surprised, as you will too,
That joy comes from within
It grows when shared and reaches all
Who turn to see the view.

Where's your cheer coming from this year? (Hee hee, that rhymed.) How are you keeping spirits high, and have you eaten any cheese this week?

I hope you enjoy the Christmas season, and share a cup of cheer, eh?


  1. The pickle is shiny and cute! Glad to have you back!

  2. Nice poem! love the pickle and the cup, too funny :)

  3. Lovely poem, and that psychedelic pickle is just too much! :-)

  4. Hi Crystal! I found you through ER's blog, and I'm glad I did! I'll be back!

  5. I think you should be proud! Putting aside blogging to work hard on your WIP is commendable. Go you!

  6. It takes true grit to stay cheerful through revisions, as I'm finding right now. Cheese helps :)

  7. Love the poem. So cute! And that pickle is just too cool! Gotta love it all!

  8. And now, on to getting all those Christmas cards out.


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