Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Secret Project: Pull Back the Curtain

Eight years ago I wrote a musical about a vampire. For the last 4.5 years we've bouncing between NYC, Upstate NY and Florida in pursuit of this project, including several false starts.

That's not the secret.


Intro: front page--listen to the opening number...except for the vocals. They will be added shortly...relatively speaking.

1. Story: Read the teaser.

2. Music: Listen to 7 selections of the 34 songs. People who have experienced the entire musical will tell you what you hear represents only a minor dynamic of the show. It is much more varied, and in the next several months we hope to add MANY more numbers (including updated ones of the current features). 

3. Characters: Meet the characters. They have been with us eight years. We love them. You will too.

4. Volunteer: SHARE THE SHOW!!! E-mail a link to everyone! Like it on Facebook. Share it on Facebook. Twitter it! Sign up for a newsletter and receive updates instantly. Donate...if you feel so inclined. In the future there will be more opportunities to get involved. (Contests, events, etc.)

5. Creative Team: Say hello to our AWESOME support group. They totally rock. 

6. BLOGS: A general news blog will keep you up to date, and you can get to know our fabulous team through their own words. BEST OF ALL, get the inside scoop from the characters! They've agreed (though some very reluctantly) to share their story with the world, and you could be the first to learn it.

THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED (Where you come in): We are not shopping the show through conventional means. We don't have money, and we don't know anyone with clout. SO, the only other method at our disposal is a viral approach. We will be promoting the site through contests, youtube videos, and potentially, through an online reality show. If we have enough fans (because we really deserve them, we hope), then we don't need money or clout. We just need you. AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW!


  1. I wish you all the luck in the world with this. Carole.

  2. Awesome! I'm going to have to stop back and really check this out!

    I'm a huge theatre buff and a fellow crusader! Nice to meet you.

  3. Fantastic! Sounds like a terrific project!

    I'm a fellow crusader and we're in group #18 together. Paranormal rocks, doesn't it? (:

  4. Group #18 Crusader here! Nice to meet you.


  5. Congrats on making it so far with your project. I hope it gets all the great publicity it deserves!

  6. Schnazzy. I'll check it out. :-)

    <3 Gina Blechman (fellow crusader)

  7. Wow, amazing news! Congratulations! :)

  8. Hey fellow crusader and group member! This sounds too awesome! I'll have to go check it out. Good luck! :D

  9. This is quite a project and obviously a labor of love. I certainly think it merits praise and I hope you see it all the way to completion. I'll do what I can to add to the buzz.

  10. Oh, and thanks for visiting and following me at the Write Game. I always appreciate it when someone new drops in.

  11. Hello fellow crusader! This is exciting stuff! I can't wait to hear more about this! I'm a new follower!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  12. Online reality show? This is so creative! Best of luck!

  13. Fellow Crusader and theater buff here too! This sounds brilliant!

  14. I get a Lestat vibe off of the idea of a musical about a vampire. I love Lestat, the brat that he is.

  15. How cool :)
    Best of luck with this amazing project

  16. Impressive. Your ambition is bound to pay off! Keep up the good work. :)

  17. Hey! Just checked out that website. The music on the opening page is awesome! And I like the storyline. And the idea of an online reality show sounds fabulously fun!
    Off to tweet the website for you... :-)


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