Friday, November 20, 2009


A brief introduction: Immortal is a musical. Yes, a musical. I love music, and occasionally (not nearly as often as I should) I actually sit down and write it. (Rather than books.) This project is my second baby--and what I mean by that is, kid #2. Born in 2003, it has evolved and taken us such strange places as NYC, upstate New York and Orlando. In the subsequent years I hope to see it take us many many more places.

Without further ado, the teaser:

Do you want to live forever?  

Three hundred years, dodging shadows, avoiding sunlight, fleeing the family who created and then vowed to eradicate him… Lucas can no longer outrun the hunter.  

Fate has brought him to his hometown in the late 1700’s, the place it all started, the locale of his nemesis’ family, to her.  

Three centuries of surviving, never looking back on the life he lost--the guilt it harbors, the insatiably tainted thirst or the pain of isolation, Lucas feels for the fist time the hope of something greater. If he is capable of love, is he capable of redemption?  

And will the hunter, her uncle, kill him before he has the chance to find out?

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