Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure: Year of the Dragon

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop. This is not the beginning. If you wish to start the adventure, hop on over by clicking the image below.


You tuck forward into a roll.


Razor-sharp talons slice open the back of your brand new uniform, the silk gi. Wind catches the shorn material, flinging you into a patch of thorny bushes. You shield your face just in time. Angry barbs pierce your skin, pulling you to a stop.

You scramble out of the shrubbery, pinching thorns away from your snagged costume.
Sensei is going to roast your eyebrows! The torn crimson dragon logo hangs off your shoulder, exposing the plain black t-shirt beneath. So much for honor and respecting your dojo’s seal. Of course Sensei would forgive you if he were faced with the phenomena that now stares you in the eye.

The ground shudders. You fall to one knee. The massive beast tucks its wings, standing erect on two ruby legs, roughly the size of a school bus. His wide orb-like eyes pierce you, swirls of misty blue color dancing across giant black pupils.

Trembling you rise to your feet and strike an attack pose, though what good it can do you against this freak of nature is beyond your recollection.

The creature huffs. A gust of smoke puffs about you, encasing you in rotten-egg stench. You cough and bat it away. The ground starts to rumble with…


Yes, the mammoth is chuckling at you. The earth shudders once more and as the smoke clears you come face to face with glistening ivory teeth, those bizarre eyes, and your own reflection.

“You and I have the same master.” The booming bass rattles your bones.

Your jaw drops. The creature reaches toward you with two pincer-like talons and snags the back of your uniform, lifting you off the ground. As the material pulls tight around your armpits, cool air tickles your exposed abdomen, legs dangling.

“Free me young one.” The beast’s mouth is not moving. He’s speaking directly to your…mind? —And with a charming British accent no less. “Steal back the relic that holds me prisoner.”

An image flashes through your brain, a jade sliver with a carved dragon curled around the head. A toothpick?

“Free me,” the creature demands.


  1. I love all your visuals, esp the jade toothpick! Okey dokey, off to dedicate myself to a British sounding dragon - how apt!

  2. Loved this. I'm going with nod and flee this time. :)

  3. Wonderful visuals. I'm going to the beginning!

  4. This was a great installment--had so much fun with this! Thanks for inspiring my snippet :)

  5. OMG, this looks like soooo much fun.



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