Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello. I'm Still Alive. Are You?

So apparently I'm allergic to mold. WHO'D HAVE GUESSED?

And do you know where mold grows especially well?


Picture may be a slight exaggeration.

Or more particularly, our rental home. So while trying not to kill over, we began the home search process, and finally put down an offer. That's my excuse for disappearing off the blog-o-sphere. Yup. Finishing my last semester or serious revisions on my requested manuscript had nothing to do with it--or Christmas. That's right.  *shifty eyes*

So here's my future writing haven.
<---------- Isn't it perdy?

Now what dragged this lethargic, thoroughly unhealthy individual back to cyber space? Temptation--in the form of the third Choose Your Own Adventure bloghop. Yay! Participants are invited to contribute as we celebrate the year of the dragon with a whole new adventure. Sign up now, or stop back in March as we launch this fabulous experience upon the world. (Here's hoping it won't happen right in the middle of my move...)

And for those of you who missed our previous journeys, check out:

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Can't wait for some high flying, scaly, fire breathing fun! Will you be joining us?


  1. Sorry to hear you're allergic to mold. That can't be fun. :(

    Congratulations on the house!

  2. Allergies are never fun. :/ The blog hop sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Ooh, pretty house! Good luck with the move. Missed the last two CYOA bloghop. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Crystal, there's a problem in both FLA and LA with cheap sheetrock from China that attracts mold. Happy you got out of that house as there's no real solution save for a contractor to come and and chomp away.

    I'm following you on Twitter now (hope that's ok) but had difficulties from your side button. When you have a chance, please take a look.

  5. It is March and I am curious if you would like to add a site to your blog hop that is probably out of the context of your hop. But maybe it will get some attention. http://latter-daycrafters.blogspot.com/ Let me know what you think. Thanks Trina

  6. Love the dragon pic and looking forward to hopping with you again :) Your new house look amazing.

  7. I have mold issues too.

    LOVE your new house. So sweet!


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