Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Subterranean Cheese Infestation

Ah, dare you enter?

Beware young one
Beyond these holey walls
Lies a world filled with
Unexpected flavors,
Melodramatic resonance,
Broken cadence
And flourishing fantasy.

For what the cheese knows
It knows with finality.
Let not his secret
Render you insatiable
For his whims
Can drive to madness,
Divine, sweet madness.

But within that madness
Waits a world divine
A place of ripe wonder
Where occupants languish
And pine
And dream
For the respite of sunlight.

Then brave adventurer
Will you enter?
Will you pledge your all
To the silence
Of the underground
Where only the courageous

It's been a while since I engaged in drabble poetry--but I do so to introduce...

*drum roll*

For a year now I've been working to figure out what I love about blogging and why I should continue. It takes so much time, but I love the friendships. I love the interaction. I love being able to put something out there and hear a response. Tal's Underground is the embodiment of all I love about blogging. It's a place for readers, a place to be entertained, and a place to engage in riotous amounts of cheese. The gates are officially open, and dependent on how quickly it fills up, they may close shortly. This is a place for Middle Grade and Young Adult writers/readers (genre, not necessarily age). Come, and bring your quirkiness with you.

I'll be contributing sporadically at first, as time permits, but in the coming months it will probably become my favorite place to hang, along with all the fictional friends in my head. I need a place to splash their witty banter and freakish fits. The only rule, should you choose to enter, is that you come with wide eyes and an open imagination. Oh, and beware of the gatekeeper. She burbs flame.

How and where do you capture the voices in your head? 


  1. Loved the cheese drabble! Thanks for the info on the Underground - will have to check that out. Good luck!

  2. Lovely cheese, aaaah! Neat pics too. And thanks much for your critique of Michael's story on my blog! All feedback is helpful, and you made good points. :)

  3. Hey Crystal, thanks for popping by my blog today. You are truly obsessed with cheese, are you not?! Have a fab Friday :)

  4. I love the drabble! Being a fan of cheese myself, I always love stopping by your blog . . . :)

  5. Anyone who can write about cheese is bound to become one of my new best friends. :D

  6. Hee hee. I suppose if I ever host a blogfest it will have to be cheese themed...

  7. omg i want a cheese throne, but im pretty sure i would eat it :(

  8. CHEESE! Love this drabble. I'm a massive fan of cheese. :)

  9. K, you made me laugh. One of my friends & critique group homies is Denise Vega, who sports a "NO CHEESE" icon on HER website. You guys should meet!

    I looked at the Underground site & it looks cool. What's your vision for it? I want to know more!

  10. Love the cheese...

    Oh a new blog. Good luck with it. I'm off to check it out...

  11. This may be a dumb question...You wrote this? About cheese? Absolutely beautiful. A cheese lover like me could frame and hang it in her kitchen. :)

  12. Cheryl--Hm. I can only imagine that meeting...

    The Underground, is basically a place for writing in character. Period. Long term plans? As soon as I'm a well known and loved author (-hey, it can happen) I'd like it to end up being a hang out for middle grade to YA readers.

    Michelle--Aw, thanks! In my former life I was a poet...and lyricist. There's something so liberating about free verse. *sigh*


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