Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goal=Get Out And Live

Distractions are abundant. Right now an adorable one is padding back and forth behind me, making faces that  tempt me to grab the camera and follow him for the rest of the day. Another is wobbling teeth in what I swear is going to be an entirely tooth-less mouth before long. Another is singing a tune he composed yesterday, making me ache to jump to the piano and knock out a few of my own inventions...

But I can't.

See, tomorrow is the deadline. I'm not a procrastinator. I've been nimbly ambling along for an entire month...and now October is almost here. Tomorrow is the last day.

AND (speaking of pleasant distractions) I was awarded the Versatile Blogger by A.E MartinCheryl, and Barbara V. Evers. Thank you ladies! Can you feel the love? 

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this Award along to recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

1. Bess Weatherby: A NYC nanny who's kicking trash and tunneling out her own writing path while working in a world of total insanity. (Meaning NYC.)
2. Mary Waibel: For surviving the upstate NY cold, I applaud you. 
3. Pk Hrezo: If you haven't met her yet, digitally speaking, she's a must. 
4. Matthew Rush: Whose blog is all about the acquisition of Query Warrior Monk skills. 
5. Rachele Alpine: Being another BUSY individual, she finds time to write meaningful blog entries. 

So seven things about myself (as if two weeks ago wasn't revealing/embarrassing enough)...

1. I wrote and illustrated my first book while in the 2nd grade, including a surprise ending. (And no, it wasn't a school assignment.)

2. Once in a universe long ago and far away I was the best unicorn artist in the galaxy. (3 yr old artist, that is.)

3. My brothers were determined to train me into a ninja. (Ask. I know all about stealth and technique.)

4. I had a "My Girl" relationship. Instead of dying he moved to Idaho and builds violins. 

5. I auditioned and made it into a madrigal choir with over 350 applicants for 12 spots.

6. I still can't dance, despite #5.

7. The daughter of a 20+ year scout master, I can pack it, hike it, repel into it, spelunk it, scuba it, ascend it, and rough it. High adventure, you are my friend.  

See what I mean about distractions? Now I want to go hiking. Oh how I miss my mountains...

*Ahem* Tomorrow is the last day. Enough with distractions (you wonderful blog-a-rific world!), I have a draft to finish.

What's keeping you from your goals today? Have you recently reached a goal? If so, what did you do to celebrate?


  1. Hah! This is such an awesome post. I'm a ninja too, certified.

    Thanks for the mention, as well.

    And I'm following you now.

  2. I think cute little somethings padding behind me will distract me every time. Good luck with your goals! <3

  3. This post made me feel good. Warm and encouraging and funny. Thank you!

  4. Matthew--Yay for ninjas! (All I need is my two-toed shoes and a samurai sword.

    Brenda--They are a welcome distraction. *ahem* There just maybe to too many of them. =)

    Angelina--They cheese comes in a variety of ways eh?

  5. Lol! Didn't we all have a "My Girl" relationship? I sure remember mine. He's not dead either. He moved to France, the jerk. : )

  6. Yay for high adventure. Dad wasn't a scout master, but he was an army Lt. Colonel. We got marched up and down mountains as kids with backpacks strapped on our backs as early as five years old. :)

  7. Wow! You well-rounded woman, you! I'm impressed. :) Congrats on your Versatile Blogger award, woo!

  8. Thanks for the award...woo hoo! And I totally understand being a unicorn artist...I spent much of my childhood trying to actually spot a unicorn. I was convinced they lived in the woods by me!

  9. Thanks Crystal!

    I had the same goal as you -- finish by the 1st. I'm done two days early and feeling awesome. Good luck getting 'er done!

  10. Congratulations on the award!

    So, what's the most important ninja technique? ;)

  11. E.R.--France? Man. That's killer.

    L.G.--There is a fine art to balancing a pack so it doesn't kill you over rough terrain eh?

    Carol--Don't make me blush. =)

    Rachele--I would have KILLED to live on the edge of a mystical forest when I was a kid. (Oh, and I would have caught me a unicorn for sure.)

    Bess-Wow! Congrats on finishing. I think I'm going to end up over my goal date. Shucks.

    Golden Eagle--Most important Ninja technique=being invisible. Do you know how to dodge out of someone's periphery while standing right next to them? It's terribly amusing.

  12. Congrats on your award. What is it about brothers and ninjaing? My brother tried to teach me moves as well, lol.

  13. Congrats on your award... very well deserved, I see! And thanks so much for your kind words and passing it on to me.
    I love your 7 tidbits... especially #7. You and I would get along just fine. Hawaii is my fave place to hike/scuba.... Alaska is runner up. (hiking only, no diving in that cold water for me.) ;)
    Anyway, you must have an amazing voice. That's impressive!
    And also thanks for offering to read for me. I'd love it. Let me finish my tweaks and if you'd like to do an exchange in a couple weeks, I'm up for it. :)

  14. Good luck with finishing your draft!! Those cute little distractions are tough to ignore, eh?

    Also - how cool are you, getting into a madrigal choir and being up for high adventure?? ;-)

  15. Congrats on your well-deserved award! And thanks for this feel-good post - my hub was an Eagle Scout and is still out there doing fun stuff - I have deep respect and high admiration for all that Scouting spreads into the family...really nice!

  16. Lydia--Brothers can be brutal eh?

    Pk--You're so sweet. Looking forward to the read. I'll clear up my schedule for the middle of October.

    Crystal--I don't think half that choir would have gone on a camp out, but it was a riot performing to death with them. (And I do mean DEATH.)

    Kittie--Eagle Scouts rock! We're working to get my son there now.

  17. At this time, my goals are keeping me from my goals.

    I have my first concert tomorrow night, two content writings on Sunday, One 1500 word project for 5 October, 8 more content writings for the 10th and a major exam on the 31st.

    Oh and somewhere in between I'd like to get back to Doorways, because I want to NaNo AND write the book for the musical in November.

    *gasp gasp* I'm trying really hard not to hyperventilate. Good luck with finishing your draft!

  18. Blogging is keeping me from my goals today. I've been catching up with all my new followers. It's nice to meet you and learn a little something about you. By the way, I can't dance either!

  19. Misha--yikes. Breathe eh? Hope you reached/are reaching all your goals.

    Susan--Yay for new friends!


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