Thursday, August 25, 2011

Off Kilter and Dazed--The Result of Success

Next week I'm going to be funny and engaging. Next week I'm going to laugh about the mad scramble. Next week I'm going to pretend I never wanted to be a writer.

But first, I have to send in a requested FULL.


I made the mistake (fortunate or unfortunate) of twitter pitching an agent at WriteOnCon. She asked to see some pages, and so I had to run them through my group of beta readers. Well, the response was good, and one even encouraged me to start querying. So I did.

Now--after receiving the request from my targeted (and probably dream) agent, I'm a nervous wreck. The next two days will be spent making last minute grammar changes, not sleeping, and staring with angry eyes at that beta reader's response. Maybe I'll thank her. Maybe I won't. Regardless, it's done.

Therefore, if I am a tad bit preoccupied, you'll forgive me. I'll be back soon my wonderful bloggy friends, and anxious (no doubt) to keep my mind off the impending disaster/miracle that awaits this agent's response.

Have you been through this before? How long did you take before sending in your manuscript? AND, what did you change last minute?


  1. Hey Crystal, you got someone interested - that's a good thing! Hang in there :)

  2. Yay! Much luck and hope to hear good news when you get around to blogging again :)

  3. Go, Crystal!!! I'm really happy for you and I hope you get a positive response. I can't wait until I'm the one putting up a post like this!! :-D

  4. Congratulations!
    I was fortunate that when a full request came, my manuscript was ready.

  5. LOL, good luck, Crystal! You'll make it, don't go crazy. ;o) Me?--well, I make sure I have something finished and ready before I enter any contest. Saves the panic attack!

  6. Wishing you the best of luck. This is very exciting!


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