Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Music VS Writing...Yikes!

Bloggy friends!

I've been MIA for a week. There are several reasons: our last week of freedom before my hubby started a new job, church responsibilities, getting registered for school (for me), prepping a new home school year for the kids...

And as much as I'd like to blame all those, what it really comes down to this one thing: MUSIC.

There is the dark side and the light side to my creativity. I call my writing the dark, and my music the light. That's not to say one is evil and one is good, but they are two opposing sides of the same entity: opposites almost. We all face that battle--which effort deserves priority?

Friday's Song (now lovingly dubbed "Mirror of the Heart") is an unfinished work, but I thought you might like it anyway. This is what happens if I sit down in front of a piano for an hour. (Forgive the performance. Playing piano for people freaks me out.) 

My husband can't decide which career path to push me down, music or writing, but he'd like me to get decisive one way or the other. 

We all deal with opposing forces, so what are yours? And which voice are you listening to today? (Mine are currently arguing for meuntser vs cheddar. Must be lunch time.)


  1. I loved your melody. It was beautiful! To answer your question, my voices are coming from outside. The beautiful warm breeze, the glaring sunshine, and the sandy beach. All together they are impossible to ignore.

  2. Lovely song. I envy people who have the gift of music. But then, I have lots of other creative sides vying with writing for my attention, so I know what you mean.

  3. My voices used to be music and writing, too. Unfortunately, I let the music fall by the wayside. Now, my two voices are writing and philanthropy, and I'm hoping to find a way to combine the two... someday.... somehow... ;-)

    Best of luck with all your busy-ness!!!

  4. Emily--I know exactly what you mean! We used to live 3 blocks from the beach, and I could have spent all day out there.

    Botanist--it really is a pull, isn't it?

    Crystal--Let me know if you ever succeed!

  5. Oh what a lovely song! I do hope you post more. And what a tough decision to make between two artistic loves and talents. I'd keep going with both but then I suppose you'd feel like you are giving neither one the time it really needs.

  6. Love the song, it's gorgeous! My weakness is piano, too. My keyboard is just a few feet to the left of my writing spot, and I also pass the piano every time I go upstairs to write. It distracts me a lot. I love when some strange emotion just hits you, and you start making up a song on the spot and it feels like every key you hit is beautiful. And then of course you wish that remembering what you played was easier. . . ;)

  7. Madeline, I have the cure to that forgetfulness--it's called a keyboard, hooked directly into my computer. =) Now I can record everything when it happens.


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