Friday, April 8, 2011

Magic: A Good Laugh

Quotable from Random: He accidentally spilled some water, then said, 

"I'll make it disappear with my magic." 

After waving his hands over the water several times he paused, thought, and retracted, 

"My magic's not very strong." 

I'm going to disagree. His magic left me giggling for the next hour, and has several times since. Yay for cute kids! 

What has gotten you giggling lately?


  1. Sooo cute! My guys have me laughing every day. They happen to be very into Harry Potter and magic right now. The 5 year old has been counting down to tomorrow's family movie night when we will watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    Keep enjoying your son's magic!

  2. Kids make me laugh too. Sometimes I show up early to my daughter's preschool just to sit outside the door and listen to them talk to each other. It always makes me smile.

  3. Your kid seems to be quite creative ....

    His picture is cool too!!!

    with warm regards

  4. I just giggled at a story I read over at Six Sentences. So yeah, that's the most recent.

  5. What a great imagination and so cute! Cute hat lol.

  6. What a wonderful imagination! I wish the magic would have worked for him with that adorable face he's giving the camera.

  7. He's absolutely cute! I guess at times we all feel like our magic isn't very strong : ) !

  8. My kids get me giggling all the time. Or my goofy husband. But kids are the best. the things they come up with is amazing. Yay, for kids and their innocence.

    You asked if I was ready to stalk a whole lot of blogs and the answer is...I didn't expect such a high response. Seriously. BUT, I'm going to give it a good try. I may not get around to everyone weekly (as I thought), but I will get around. If I said I would, then I better darn be able to do it. So consider yourself stalked. You're in my BEST DARN BLOGS EVER file, and I will be back :)



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