Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CONTEST: Ideas for a Music Video

As I may or may not have mentioned, I'm a multitasker, and this week that includes storyboarding a music video. 

I have a few ideas, but the problem is I'm too close to this project. All I can see is the scene that goes with the song. I need some FRESH ideas. SO, genius that I am, I decided to seek outside perspective from the greatest writerly brains I know. (That means you.)

This is the song:
(requires quicktime plug in)

Background: Justine, a rather forward girl for 1802, has finally met the man of her dreams. He just so happens to be a vampire, and her uncle just so happens to be a vampire hunter. 

That's all I'm going to give you. How do you imagine this music video? (Setting? Action? Etc?)

Now, this isn't some random contest where you sign your name in the comments and magically get picked. The best idea wins. Period. So, throw them at me. Leave a comment or send an e-mail to crystal@immortalthemusical(dot)com. Oh, and be sure to "like" the show on facebook: http://facebook.com/immortalthemusical

And now for the prize... A genuine pot of gold! 

Okay, not really, but almost as cool.

1. (If your concept ends up being used,) Your name in the credits on the music video.
2. A free download of the current soundtrack for Immortal the Musical. (It's not even available for purchase right now, so, you know, really special.)
3. One free book of your choice from Amazon. (Up to a 20$ value.)

Contest ends Tuesday the 22nd.

Happy writing, and keep in mind two words: "budgetary restraints".


  1. Don't think I'm a fruit-loop, but as I listened I saw her dancing round stables, picking up bits of straw and making a straw doll - which she was singing to. Leaning against a horse and finishing a replica of her 'man' as the last notes faded.

  2. I listened to the beautiful song a few times. I see:

    A young beautiful lady is sitting in a meadow. Justine looks lost and hopeless, tears streaming down her cheeks. She bites her lower lip, thinking about something that she cannot fathom. Love scenes between Justine and her vampire (not showing what he is) comes into play, even have her laughing hard as they spend time together revealing how happy her life has been since he showed up in her life. The last scene is a letter she receives of him bidding her farewell. Night has fallen. She wipes her tears away, shaking her head. Suddenly, she stares ahead, her eyes light up with love and passion. He looks love stricken. He rushes to her side, embracing her into a passionate kiss. Dogs sound in a distance, while her uncle with a few others on horseback is heading her way. At their proximity, he hisses at her uncle’s direction, revealing fangs. Have her facial features and body language express fear of losing her lover, and how determine she is to stick at his side. Come what may. Scenes of battle between her uncle and her lover are shown. And the last scene is of them both on a ship embracing, sailing away from her hometown. If you want to add him biting her neck and her in ecstasy as the finale, it will do. Hope this helps in any way. =-)

    This was fun... Best wishes in your endeavors.

  3. After reading what is available on the site and after listening to this song, I see this taking place at night. The scene is almost in black and white, a very bright moon shining. Lucas has been attacked by Justine's father, but got away with minor scrapes. He takes refuge in the family's burial plot in the forest, more specifically in the mausoleum where her mother is buried. Justine learns of what her father has done. Fearing he is dead, Justine slips out of the house, past the men guarding her room, and races to find him. She takes the garden path. Red roses are lying on the ground, their buds decapitated from the rose bushes by Justine's father as he chased Lucas. She picks up a rose, it's redness accented in the moonlight, and runs. She knows where he is, their hiding place. When she arrives she finds him planning an escape. She confronts him, begs him to stay. Telling him they can be together for always. She pulls a dagger from her bodice and presses the tip to her breast. She says she will do whatever it takes to stay with him, forever. Lucas says he can't stay, that he will only hurt her. She vows to love him forever and will chose him over her father. All he has to do is make her his. He holds her and kisses her. He tells her he loves her more than he has ever loved but it won't work. He can't destroy her relationship with her father. She's all her father has. She needs to marry a human, someone who can feel, someone who is warm. She's crying, begging him to stay. She swears they can work it out. Hounds sound in the distance. They are getting closer. The stable hand, Morgan, arrives with a horse. (he's always been on Justine's and Lucas' side). Lucas gives her a very long kiss and wipes the tears from her face. She gives him the rose and tells him she will wait for him always. He says he loves her, mounts the horse and rides with the dogs and her father in pursuit. The music fades, her father arrives. Justine runs from the mausoleum, the dagger in her hand and threatens to kill herself if her father chases Lucas. She tells her father she loves him. Daddy grows angry and gathers Justine and takes her back to the manor, the search called off for the night. For now, Lucas is safe. Justine has given him time. Has given them both time.

  4. Definitely a moonlit scene, in fact all in silhouette against the white moon. Passionate kiss, of course, then he, being a "good" vampie tries to leave so he can save her from himself. She holds him and pulls him back to her: tense moment when he considers just a small nibble. Eye and small fang must glint in the moonlight. Cut to hounds (again all in silhouette) loping across the skyline, behind the father and his "posse," swords or spears or whatever raised.

    She refuses to leave. Lucas hoists her onto his trusty steed, he mounts behind her and pulls her to his body. As they gallop off we see his head bow close to her neck as she stretches back to give him access to her throat.

    Ta da!

  5. I am totally out of my element with this and probably influenced by the background on your Immortal homepage, but here goes.
    I pictured them walking in a moonlit garden. plucking a rose, trailing it through a fountain, dancing on a stone wall, continually pulling him with her wherever she leads. the climax would be leading him somewhere he doesn't necessarily want to be, but that's important to her, to emphasize the forever aspect in her mind...

  6. I'm in awe of your talents. Sorry I don't have anything else to add, but I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  7. When is the contest over? I'll be posting something in the morning, when my mind is well rested.

  8. Can we do more than one idea? I didn't notice the "budgetary restraints" notice. jajajaja...

  9. I kind of imagine her dancing on the edge of a serene night-clad lake - but you know, not totally black - so you can actually see what she's doing :D

    Maybe similar-ish to the carpet ride in Aladdin, as in the sparkly magic of it.

  10. No idea if my idea posted or not - blogspot hates wordpress profiles!! Let me know, I don't want to double up :)

  11. Ok, looks like it didn't so I'm going to go ahead and post anyway:

    Starts with him telling her what he is, then fades - it was a dream and she is locked in a bare room. I actually envisaged her chained to a bed by her wrists and ankles...

    She dreams again and sees scenes of them together in future eras - recognisable through clothes/cars - every scene shows them happy together but always ends with them moving on (suitcases, planes/ships) or running for their lives from an angry mob/police/etc.

    I don't know if he does turn her at the end but if he does you can end with him biting her and her biting him. If not, end with him kissing her while she sleeps and then she wakes up to an empty room.

  12. I imagine her standing halfway down the stairs, looking up. Below is someone half hidden by the shadows. He stand still. She reaches out to him, but he disappears from the spotlight. She hesitates, looks around her and then follows him.

    He leaves the house and she follows him. He stands in the light again.

    The last you see is his outstretched hand and she takes it.

  13. LOL

    I made some changes in my idea and forgot to change one thing. She is halfway down the stairs, looking down at someone standing half hidden in shadows :)

  14. Ah I just had a really good one, like five or six long detailed paragraphs and then it didn't post or save :/

    I shall try posting again tomorrow. I am mad at the internet right now.

  15. A crusader making her rounds. Half way there!!
    Loving all these comments, some are creepy (in a good way!)

  16. I'm so excited to see who was chosen! I submitted my ideas via email last week. I hope you received it Crystal :)


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