Tuesday, July 6, 2010


At my house we’re having NaNoWriMo in July (National Novel Writing Month). Why you ask? (Or maybe you don’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) We live in Florida. Who wants to be out in 90 to 100 degrees with 100% humidity? You in the back? Well you can have it! Above and beyond that, I lead a choir, and November (the actual NaNo month)/December are my busy season. Call us freakish if you want, but because we homeschool, we keep any schedule we like—which means December/November and most of January are our “summer” vacation.

Because we homeschool, my 9 yr old, 5 yr old, and 3 yr old are constant. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to DEATH,  but “he hit me”, “she took my toy”, and “he’s breathing my air”, are huge distractons to my coveted two hours of writing a day. Then again, are they?

After my oldest was born, I went back to work for a while. A short while. My baby was growing up, and I was missing it. My husband and I sat down and agreed, we could do without the second income. I would stay home with our children. (And write—of course!) That didn’t mean he was making bukoo bucks. In fact, he was part time, we were both in school, and we gave up a lot of comforts. No big screen TV. No house. No second car. No matching couches…

I’d like to say it got better, but we still limp by on one vehicle, my couches still don’t match, and I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of EVER owning a house—that is, until I make my millions from writing. Ha, ha. (Oh, and no big screen, unless you consider 27 inches big.) The point is, I’m here, with my “distractions”, because they won’t be around for long. They’re the ones that will last even after my five minutes of fame. When the hollowness of attainment and lip-service reviews consume my days, I imagine I’ll be anxious to find a few more “distractions” in my life: the kind that love unconditionally.

What are the true distractions in your life?


  1. My partner my dogs and cat :) Our holiday home in the bush (no - not 'flash' see the post titled 'My Favourite Place in the World for a pic *grin*)

  2. My husband stayed home for several (9 maybe?) years because it really DID seem best for family. We have a house, but one car, no fancy toys, no vacations... I think our kids are better people though, for the decision (and for it being HIM, honestly--he is more strict and scheduled than I am--I would have neglected them for the writing)

  3. 27 inches is more than enough. All the crap in TV doesn't get better with a big screen >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Owning a house is not all it's cracked up to be unless you can buy it with cash. Who really wants that burden hanging over their head?


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