Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At Last!

It's taken a few months, and a few of you may think I fell off the face of the Earth. Well, I did. Then I strategically climbed back up using the yellowing hair of a Tibetan yak. Didn't smell the greatest. 

As promised, here is a sample of my second baby, though it doesn't do the show justice. 

IMMORTAL THE MUSICAL: Broadway bound musical compared to Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Jekyll and Hyde, with of hint of Gilbert and Sullivan. 

Three hundred years, dodging shadows, avoiding sunlight, fleeing the family who created and then vowed to eradicate him… Lucas can no longer evade the hunter. Fate has brought him to the place it started, the heart of his nemesis’ family, to her.

Three centuries of drowning guilt, aggravated isolation, the insatiably tainted thirst, and astonishingly now, hope? If he is capable of love, is he capable of redemption? And will the hunter, her uncle, kill him before he has the chance to discover?

Click on the title of this post go to lastfm.com where the album is posted. 


  1. Finally got a chance to listen to your music. Wow - great job! So who are the singers? Have you sold the rights to the musical yet? I don't even know if that's how it works, but you know what I mean :).

    Melanie B.

  2. We've been on this road 7 years now. Had so many near-homeruns that I quit counting. Of course, selling the rights to a musical doesn't guarantee production, nor does a producer telling you they want to produce your show! (Heard that too.) The game plan is constantly changing.

    Singers are: Jason Ostler (Tenor), Jeff Ostler (Baritone-ish), and (5 months pregnant) Crystal Collier.


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